Inner Wisdom® Therapy

Inner Wisdom® Yoga Therapy

Inner Wisdom® is a form of yoga therapy which allows one to connect to the seven different energy centers throughout the body, called the Chakras.

Inner Wisdom® Yoga Therapy begins with a guided meditation while lying down in a relaxing, safe and supported environment. The client is guided through each chakra in their body so that they can begin to connect and have an open dialogue. Through this open dialogue, the client can start to become aware of what they need to let go of, such as fears, old or pent up emotions, traumas, chronic pain and tension, negative patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve them so that they can begin the process of healing. It is through this journey work that one can start to find a sense of balance, inner peace and innate wisdom in their life.

Each session involves guidance, discussion, and self- healing homework.

The first initial session provides an overview of the seven chakras. Follow up sessions go more in depth into each chakra individually. There are 8 sessions in total for Inner Wisdom®.
No yoga experience is required.

Together, Lindsay and I, worked to open and explore complications in each one of my chakras. Since Lindsay and I have worked together I have noticed major changes in my daily life. Several things have become apparent since we first began; my creativity and intuition have been freed, I think much more positively about myself, my self- worth has increased drastically, and there has been a notable decrease in the frustration and anxiety I previously experienced.Thanks to the Inner Wisdom® Yoga Therapy technique, I have experienced an influx in the ability to claim my own personal power. This, if nothing else, has been revolutionary.

~ Liza Enos



All in person private sessions are on hold till the Fall 2021