Yoga can be defined as the practice of “undoing”. This practice teaches us we must first let go in order to find peace, balance and harmony in our mind, body and spirit. With time and practice, yoga can help us improve our overall well being.

There are many branches of yoga. Hatha yoga is one of the branches that I offer.  Ha means”the sun” our solar energy and Tha means “the moonour lunar energyThe goal of Hatha yoga is to balance these energies in our whole being. This form of yoga uses pranayama, breathing and poses called asanas to ultimately lead us to be able to sit in meditation. Pranayama and asanas can help calm the mind and build strength and flexibility in the body.


In studio classes cancelled due to Covid

Private Yoga sessions

Private Yoga sessions offered via zoom Contact me for a private session


60 minutes- 50$

Buy 4 sessions for 160$